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CME Tracker is designed with the busy CME professional, in mind. Organize the volumes of data that accumulate in the planning, implementation and tracking of CME events,  credits, facilities, speakers, supporters and attendees. 

The New Tracker ... Neat New Features

imageLink To Your Important Documents

CME Tracker customers enjoy accessing all of their information in one place and that is now being expanded to linking external documents to your Tracker. You can connect all of the external documents you would like to see related to an event, a person or a registration for immediate access.


CME Tracker customers like to customize their desktops and workspace. With the new "themes" feature, you can customize the look and feel of your CME Tracker too!

imageNotes, Flags, Comments And Completion Status

Each area has been enhanced with additional notes, flags & comments so you can easily tag records with visual and verbal indicators for more efficient collaboration.

imageWork From Any Device

The newest CME Tracker Staff Edition has full support for all browsers on PC, MAC, IPAD, IPOD and Android without requiring any special downloads. You can access from your computer with your choice of browser, your laptop, your netbook, your tablet or even your smartphone!

imageIt's Still All About The User...YOU!

User-defined fields: More of a good thing! User defined fields have been a cornerstone of the CME Tracker and now there are more user defined fields too! You can rename or repurpose virtually every field in the system.   Filtering and searching: The already popular filtering function is being expanded to include a new filtering page that gives you even more advanced filtering functionality!   New elastic/resizeable page design: You can feel free to make your workspace as large or small as you want with ease.   Plug-in organization and management: Collect your plug-ins one handy area so all "extras" are organized and readily available.   Define your own required fields: Define required fields so even temps or others unfamiliar with your best practices can do the job right.   And more... to be announced as the progress continues!