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CME Tracker Staff Edition

Connect to your CME Department...from Anywhere!
You can work in CME Web Tracker Staff Edition at the office, at home, or on the road. Securely sharing CME Web Tracker data online allows for others to help in the process of entering information for jointly sponsored events or direct departmental input of data.
CME Tracker SE makes Your Life Easier
Plan an event, enter financial information, create mailing lists, broadcast emails, register attendees, print name badges, confirmation letters, sign-in sheets, certificates and labels in a fraction of the time you spend now! Access your data online for instant answers. Check out attendee type ratios, geographic attendance summaries and compare attendance across events.
  •   Feature Listing
    • Activity Management:
      Ability to duplicate all event information including attendance information for convenience, using the standard event duplicator.

    • Activity Accreditation:
      Track all information required for accreditation and options for various participant scenarios to follow separate paths for certification.

    • Speakers:
      Collect information regarding each speaker's preferences and availabilities; have immediate access to topics related to the speaker.

    • Event Revenue/Expenses:
      Financial Reporting for all revenue and expenses per event and by date ranges or groups of events. Ability to compare and contrast.

    • Reports/documents:
      Registration reporting for all aspects of the meeting experience including Confirmation Letters, Sign in Sheets, Badges, Certificates, Tent Cards, Schedules, lists of credits earned. Hundreds of reports available for your immediate use.

    • Filtering Capabilities:
      CME Web Tracker has a function for "Filtering" and saving filters so that data can be easily organized, sorted and re-called based on filters.

    • Custom Reporting:
      CME Web Tracker Staff Edition uses Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel for report building so that a knowledge of these products allows a user to build reports immediately.

      CME Web Tracker Staff Edition includes all PARS fields, along with guidance through the ACCME criteria, validation and processing of the tab delimited file required for submission.

    • ACCME Essentials:
      The CME Web Tracker has remained based on the ACCME Essentials since it's inception. The system continues to provide the ability to track, maintain and document these components.

    • Sharing:
      There is management and sharing of documents with all staff edition users. All can build, share and search databases. Filtering can be used on an individual or group basis.

    • Bar Code Scanning:
      CME Web Tracker Staff Edition has bar code construction built in to the system. Registration/crediting via the bar code system is available for use with any type of activity.

    • Custom Interface:
      Custom Interfaces for interaction with joint sponsors or various departments is an option to minimize data entry when interacting with others.

    • Badge In Interface:
      Custom Interface to allow automatic badge in for your conference attendance.

    • Mailing List Organization:
      List organization for email blasts which includes filtering for individuals by any criteria including events attended.