Your questions are always of great importance to the CME Tracker team. Here are some frequently asked questions about CME Tracker products. If you don't find your question here, please email your question and we'll be pleased to answer it for you!

Recently Asked...

  • Does CME Tracker offer ACCME-Compliant Reporting?
    Yes, CME Tracker offers a PARS/JA-PARS interface to track all data needed to report to the ACCME PARS and JA-PARS. Interface includes areas such as date range, measured outcomes, financials and more! Interface allows staff the option to add activities, update activities or do year- end reporting to ACCME PARS, JA-PARS. Various reporting options are available including batch uploads and a real time web service integration with the ACCME which automatically sends activities to ACCME PARS/JA-PARS for approval.

  • Does CME Tracker offer activity support for CME that counts for MOC?
    Yes, CME Tracker offers a dedicated area to register/track ACCME collaborating ABMS medical boards for activities. Staff can indicate ABMS boards, MOC credit type(s), number of MOC Points and Practice Area(s)/Specialties that pertain to their activities. This supports all ACCME activity types.

  • Does CME Tracker offer a ways to submit learner completion to ACCME PARS/JA-PARS?
    Yes, CME Tracker offers various options to report learner completion. Batch upload options are available and also a real time web service integration with the ACCME that automatically transmits and verifies MOC points with the ACCME/PARS/JA-PARS.

  • Does CME Tracker offer options to communicate to learners that an activity has been registered to offer MOC credit?
    Yes, CME Tracker offers various options for communicating to learners that an activity has been registered for MOC. Options can include displayed on activity catalog offerings, event materials, sign in sheets, certificates and more!

  • Does CME Tracker offer Single Sign-On for learners?
    Yes, CME Tracker offers SAML2 Single Sign-On.

  • Can CME Tracker offer enduring materials?
    Yes, staff is able to upload any journal content or link to journal articles anywhere on the web. Webinar options (Zoom, Teams, etc.), can be incorporated during the registration process, request for credit following live webinars is also available.

  • Can CME Tracker automate attendance crediting for my activities?
    Yes, staff can create enduring activities with a range of options for content, surveys, tests, outcomes, credits and more!

  • Does CME Tracker offer Journal-Based, Webinar options for my activities?
    Yes, staff is able to upload any journal content or link to journal articles anywhere on the web. Webinar options (Zoom, Teams, etc.), can be incorporated during the registration process, request for credit following live webinars is also available.

  • Can CME Tracker assist me in creation of various live activities options?
    Yes, CME Tracker offers various ways for registration and credit options for single-day, multi-day and multi-session events.

  • Does CME Tracker offer email reminders?
    Yes, CME Tracker offers customized email reminders to learners, speakers, staff and more!

  • Staff Edition

    • I have looked at "Meeting Planning" programs and online registration products. What makes CME Tracker different?
      CME Tracker was designed, from the ground up, by input and direction from CME professionals like you. With robust online capabilities, it is much more than a "Meeting Planning" program and has business management features beyond the scope of basic online registration products. The combination of the more traditional management features along with learner online access and support for all the latest in technology, gives you the the best of both worlds

    • How does CME Tracker help me answer to my accrediting bodies?
      CME Tracker remains committed to your ability to gather information required for your daily functions, for site surveys and annual reporting. Staff Edition includes a PARS interface that automatically pulls information input throughout the year for batch upload to the PARS system, eliminating duplication of your efforts. Additionally, CME Tracker includes reporting tools to gather information and statistics required by your institution or any other accrediting body.

    • Can we share the use and cost of CME Tracker with other departments?
      Many CME Tracker users choose to share the system with other departments. Nursing Education, Patient Education, Pharmacy Education, Employee Education and other education teams can benefit from managing their events in CME Tracker and offering online registration to their participants.

    • We would like to have people outside our department enter data but don't want them to have full permissions to change certain things. Is it possible to give different people different permissions?
      It is simple to define permissions within the CME Tracker Staff Edition security model. Permissions are assigned on a field by field basis so you can decide who has the "right" to add, change or view any information.

    • We are always looking for an easy way to duplicate an event from week to week without having to duplicate our efforts. Does CME Tracker have a way to do this?
      The CME Tracker event duplicator exists for just this purpose. You can duplicate one event or many events with all pertinent information with just a few clicks.

    • How can I gather a group of people for an email blast to pinpoint my marketing to those who are likely to attend?
      Filtering to create a mailing list is the best way to go! You can easily filter people with certain specialties, locations and credentials. You can also filter people who attended past events or groups of events in order to create a relevant mailing list for your event.

    • CME Publisher

      • Do we need the CME Tracker Staff Edition in order to use the Publisher?
        The Publisher draws it's information from the Staff Edition, so yes, the CME Staff Edition is required for the Publisher to do it's job.

      • What exactly can our learners access online?
        It's up to you what access your learners will have online. The CME Publisher standards include: "Course Schedule", "Month at a Glance", "My Transcript", "My Registrations", "My Profile". Additionally, you can include access to certificates, POC and disclosures. You can also help your events "go viral" with sharing to social networking sites.

      • How do I publish information on web pages without web design experience?
        Publishing the information you have already entered in your staff edition for planning your event is a one-click process. You simply click to "Web Publish" the event and it is displayed on your professionally designed "Course Schedule" immediately.

      • Is there a way to have my learners come online and attest to credit, creating their own certificates?
        Yes! CME Tracker is designed to change the way you interact with your learners. The "Certificate Module" plug-in creates an online login, attestation and certificate generation process that records the transaction immediately, allowing both you and your learner to have up-to-date information.

      • My institution has an on-line learning management system. Do I still need CME Tracker?
        Fortunately, CME Tracker has integration methods to connect to your LMS with either a simple or advanced integration. Integration offers you the power of both platforms without compromising the details you are required to collect for accreditation

      • I have meetings with fees and my institution requires that we use a specific payment gateway. Can that work with CME Tracker?
        CME Tracker Publisher is designed to pass your registrants directly to any hosted payment process. Your CME Tracker web designer implements the connection between your registration process and your payment processor so you can collect payments seamlessly.

      • We are considering the need for faculty to disclose online to save some time. Can CME Tracker handle this for us?
        CME Tracker has online faculty disclosure plug-ins for both simple and advanced disclosure options. You can choose a basic electronic disclosure or an advanced form handling and disclosure system to manage your disclosure process within CME Tracker.