cost-effective, transparent pricing.

Cost is always a consideration when determining how best to achieve your goals. And where a product can save you money comes into the equation. CME Tracker products are priced very competitively. You can choose a core product that gets the job done and can add new modules at any time to build a vast network of features for the future.

Meeting Your Needs

CME Tracker products are priced "ala-carte" so that you can choose which products meet your needs. All pricing is based on the premise that you can buy only what you need. And you can add new products or plug-ins at any time as your needs grow and change.
The CME Tracker team can assist you by putting together a package that will be the right fit for you!

Module Pricing for initial purchase and annual fees

Staff Edition

Description Price
CME Tracker Staff Edition $9,439                
CME Tracker (Staff Edition 1 User License) $795/annually         
CME Tracker Hosting $1,259/annually

Publishing (online self service modules)

Description Price
CME Tracker Publisher $11,250
CME Tracker Publisher Annual License Maintenance $1,299/annually
Online Certificate Module $3,756 + 728/annually
External Survey Tool integration $407/annually
HTML Post Test Template $2,027 +182/annually
CME Tracker Publisher-Transcript Only $5,969 + 561/annually
Speaker Online Disclosure (Basic) $4,429 + 349/annually
Disclosure Access Tool $1,801 + 180/annually
Speaker Portal-Online Form Handling w/Disclosure $10,450 + 1,012/annually
Event Application Portal $11,350 + 1,132/annually
Electronic Sign in Sheet $3,500 + 199/annually
Curriculum Module $6,630 + 679/annually
Speaker Presentation Module $4,500 + 875/annually
Text-in System for Learners $1,224 + $2,907/annually

Additional Options

Description Price
Custom Import/Interface $4,916 + 733/annually
XML Data Feed $1,546 + 822/annually
Report Dashboard $1,772 + 822/annually
Outside Credit Module $4,804 + 403/annually
Data Conversion $5,065
Single Sign on Interface (SAML 2.0) $3,315 + 372/annually

Internet Training

Description Price
8 hour training $1,796         
7 hour training $1,661         
6 hour training $1,573
5 hour training $1,290
4 hour training $1,007
3 hour training $771
2 hour training $536
1 hour training $281
Onsite training available
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